Kusudama Flowers!

The Japanese Kusudama is a ball made out of identical origami shapes glued together. These flowers have many decorative uses on their own!

Michelle VanWiggeren made this beautiful Kusudama Valentine's Wreath.
You can visit her site here.

This is how to make the basic shape.
You will need 5 shapes to make a flower and 12 flowers to make a ball.

Start with a square piece. This is a 6" x 6" piece of Designer Series Paper.

6" x 6" square piece. Fold the bottom corner to the top. This will make a triangle.
Fold the right and left corners to the middle corner.

This will make a square.

Fold the same points down.
The folded edge will line up exactly on top of the outside edge of the square.

Open up the flaps you have just created and flatten them.
Both sides.
Fold the top triangles toward you so they are level with the edges of the paper. This will result with 3 little petals on the inside of your petal.
Fold the triangles back using the crease you made earlier.

Glue the outside of the triangles together. Use a strong adhesive. I recommend Sticky Strip.

Here is a finished Petal.
Adhere 5 petals together to make a Flower.
Micky Seerveld
Stampin' Up!, Walworth, WI