Coffee Cup Treat Holder and Basket

This is one of the fastest little boxes I ever made!
It can be filled with anything to fit the occasion!
Cute, right?!
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Directions to make this cute little coffee cup:
Start with a 9" x 4.5" piece of cardstock or patterned paper.
You will also need a 4" x 4" coordinating scrap.

Align your paper, opposite side up with the 9" side to the top fence, left side, and score at 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" and 8".

Turn the paper and with the 4.5" side at the top, score at 1.5".

Cut each 1 inch score mark up to the 1.5" score line for the bottom flaps.
Remove a small rectangular end piece. Then cut the corners off of the the larger end piece on the same side to create a flap.
Turn the paper over and attach adhesive to the flap.

Fold all the scores and adhere the flap to the inside of the cup.

Adhere the opposing bottom flaps until all flaps are secure.

For the handle:
Cut or punch a smaller circle and then a larger circle over it to creat a ring.
(I used a 1-3/8" circle punch, and then I used a 2-1/2" circle punch over it.)

Cut the ring in half.
Score 1/4" flaps on each open end.
Adhere the 1/2 circles together with the flaps out.
Adhere the flaps to the cup.


(I think it took me longer to type the directions then to make the cup!)

A Basket!
Same instructions, except....
I used a 9" x 4" piece of cardstock and then after scoring, cut 1/2" off the top for the handle.
I cut the handle to 7" length and attached with brads.
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Micky Seerveld
Stampin' Up!, Walworth, WI